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80 • RV PRO • May 2019 rv-pro.com B U S I N E S S I am personally flying down to Florida (in late February) to meet with Jim Carr of the Florida RVTA, who is going to take me around see what they've been doing and meet with some of his dealers and the folks down there so that I can truly hear from them what they need and what they seek. I believe having a face to put with that, explaining the vision, but also keeping them involved and then appre- ciating/ respecting that I'm going to do my best to bring the education to them versus them having to send people away, which disrupts getting folks taken care of. And then obviously the key metric that we're using is the RECT, or the Repair Event Cycle Time. That is what we're standing up as our key metric, at least initially, is reducing that, so that their customers will become repeat cus- tomers and happy customers. And if I can help the dealers have a better trained workforce that can be presented to the public similar to the auto industry that walks in today and the expectation is that there will be certified folks working on my vehicle. We will be the channel to get all of their folks certified in a convenient way that does not disrupt their daily business. The model, at least initially, in my mind, is a hub-and-spoke model where we would do a lot of heavy lifting back here in Elkhart with the school with the Institute and then we send out – whether it be trainers to their area or we hire trainers in their area – the education that we're putting together back here, so that there is as little disruption. And simultaneously, the technician is being trained up and recognized with a standardization of understanding and com- petency that just doesn't really exist today. RV PRO: How much of the curric- ulum has been developed so far and where do you see the emphasis being? Hemmeler: Actually, the curriculum is the No. 1 priority in my mind at this point. I am happy to report that the team here already is well into it and very much into the completion of rolling out the new curriculum, which we (debuted) at RVX. We have Level 1 and Level 2 certi- fications. The curriculum is complete. And then, of course, we have Level 3, and we're probably going to have some Level 4s, but that will be coming out as we go later into the year. The goal that we have initially – which is part of our strategic plan – is to really get all of our existing technicians certified in a period of time. And then, of course, begin to also recruit for other folks to come in and be certified. The success will be that we have a curriculum. It's been updated, which, it hadn't been updated for a lot of years. We will secure that asset, protect that asset, which will allow us to deliver it out to many partners – whether it be dealers, whether it be community col- leges, whether it would be potentially the military – but the ideal would be Students from the vocational program at Brighton High School outside of Salt Lake City pose for a picture in front of the Freightliner Custom Chassis booth on the RVX show floor in March. RVIA had the students visit several manufacturer and supplier booths at the show to get those students thinking about possible careers in the RV industry.

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