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rv-pro.com May 2019 • RV PRO • 81 that anyone who would join us to be a partner to be a part of RVIA or the Institute would receive the rights and the ability to this education, which could be delivered locally as appropriate. We will establish some criteria that would provide folks with the ability to become a trainer or deliver that education. And there will be a continual process that will move on. And the way we're going to stay updated is we will be creating a digital library, if you may. So, as a vendor, suppliers and as parts change and instruments change, if you're a partner within the organization or asso- ciation, you would then be able to kind of load that into the digital library, which then partners and folks that are involved in helping us deliver the education would have access to that, and would have the ability to pull down and review and see the newest changes to whatever that would be. RV PRO: How close are you to being able to locate a place there in Elkhart for the campus? Hemmeler: I am very comfortable say we have narrowed it down to really two candidates two very strong and one very strong location. And I would anticipate in the very, very near future ... we'll be able to announce where that location will be. RV PRO: How do you find the right people and how do you find people who are willing to go where they're needed, given that these dealerships are all over the country? Hemmeler: It's not just the RV industry, or the auto world, the diesel world, or the nursing world. Everybody is looking for technicians. I will say this: It is definitely a very strong top priority – getting the curric- ulum up, No. 1. Finding the facility is probably No. 2, and then recruitment is No. 3. It really would be recruitment is No. 1, but if you don't have a place to recruit to and you don't have things to teach them then you're just out there spinning your wheels. But that's how important it is and I would say that without a doubt it is the No. 1 challenge that we have. We are going to use a lot of traditional methods that I have used. We're going to leave no stone unturned. So, (for example), high school recruitment – putting together a team out there that recruits from high schools. I believe there's also a lot of oppor- tunity with veterans, both those coming off of active duty and those that are homeless. There is also the opportunity to partner with community colleges across the country. continues on page 83 15,000 STRONG * 15,000 includes 11k Subscriber Base +Bonus Distribution Recipients ARE YOU PART OF THE MOVEMENT? JOIN TODAY for the Most Relevant Information for your Business. rv-pro.com/magazine

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