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rv-pro.com May 2019 • RV PRO • 85 to do as few steps in any process as we require. Salespeople, or for their part, most dealership technicians, will cut a corner when they think it will get them the same desired result. As managers, we have learned that such short-cutting lowers grosses and causes missed sales. We know that one of the prime duties of a dealership sales manager is to be sure the salespeople are properly completing the steps to a sale in good fashion and timing. Like Stephen Covey (author of influential book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People") once said, "Managers do things right." It's a matter of doing a proper meeting and greeting. It's getting both the customer and the salesperson to slow down to do a proper interview. It's doing the close after the feature/ benefit presentation – not before you've sold! We're talking about doing things the right way – the way we know from much experience most frequently produces the proper result. Training & Follow Through That is why sales departments need constant, ongoing training. As a partner in a consulting and training company, I obviously have a stake in who dealers use for their sales training. However, my busi- ness partner and I would also be the first to say that it's important to get training from any reputable, experienced sales training organization. Sometimes it is a matter of chemistry. The training or the trainer seems to "click" with your people. I will say – taking you back to the first paragraph – it's always the basics. Again, there is nothing new under the sun. The best way to make gains is to do your best at being consistent in the use of solid basics. As the sales manager, you should know at all times where each potential deal stands with each of your salespeople and, in turn, with each of their customers. That's a good reason to routinely have "one-on-ones" with each salesperson. You should be meeting at an interval not longer than a week with each salesperson. In that meeting, you go over all the prospects they are currently working. You'd want to use your CRM (if you have one) to provide the list. The salesperson should demonstrate that he knows the current status of each prospect and that he is cur- rent in all his follow-up tasks. One way to set it up is to take turns with the salespeople during the five week- days. Saturdays should be too busy to meet in one-on-one meetings. It also allows for the days a salesperson may have off during the week. That way, you do a couple each weekday and only write deals on Saturday. Leadership: Being Certain You Do the Right Things Leaders have a different spin on the same picture. The other end of the quote from Covey (above) is, "Leaders do the right things." So, it's not just doing things the right way if you're doing the wrong things! Using a metaphor from a battle or a conflict, you know the path to victory. You know there are certain specific obstacles to overcome. You know the ways around those obstacles, or the tactics you can employ to defeat them. It's really not dif- ferent in sales, is it? You know you will have objections

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