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2 0 1 9 M A Y P R I N T W E A R 2 9 Milwaukee, WI May 17-18, 2019 TRAINING in the HALL Mimaki ................................129 Wensco Sign Supply ............117 Please visit for more information. Training Stop A meeting place for entrepreneurs, producers, suppliers and distributors in the apparel decorating market. Experience the lively exhibit hall, the classes taught by industry experts and the endless networking opportunities, all conveniently located near you! professionals are now using reflective heat transfers in different colors to create some amazing daylight and low light looks. Maybe your market isn't the sophisticated fashionista looking for the latest runway look or the softest feel on the market. There's something "new" and novel for the average person as well. A few manufacturers have started selling a chalkboard heat transfer vinyl. Adhesive chalkboard vinyl has been available for awhile but now you can turn any T-shirt into a con- stantly changing message board. This is a great option for projects involving students or young children. And for those heat printing professionals that are cutting their own heat transfer vinyl, the weeding doesn't get any easier than a square with rounded corners that you can just heat apply. You'll just have to have your customers provide their own chalk to make use of this 'new' finish. BEYOND THE TRANSFER So far we have "new" fabrics and apparel items that require "new" heat print technology to decorate. We have "new" finishes including reflective and chalkboard heat transfer vinyls. What if your customer base just isn't interested in any of that 'new' stuff? Then it's time to present an "old" product in a "new" way. This can mean a number of things, but I'd like to point out two. First, let's consider how you package and present your product. I don't mean the actual box or design that you're using to show samples or deliver product. I'm talking about the way you are selling. Consider presenting your product to your loyal customer in a way that benefits them. For your local organization, that could be a fundraiser or by giving a portion of your proceeds back to their cause. For your local business customer, you could provide them a way that you will be advertising their business when they choose to do business with you. For your local sports team, it could be partnering with your local photographer to package apparel and team pictures together. Provide a benefit that they might not have expected when choosing their apparel decorating partner. Second, consider how you're making it easy for them to do business with you. One of the fastest growing ways to sell decorated apparel to groups is through an online group or team store. This method of selling eliminates so many headaches for your customers. The online store manages sizes, decorating options, taking payments, and even distributing decorated items after the store closes. If you're not giving your customers the ability to sell your deco- rated apparel online, you need to start researching immediately on the platform that is going to work best for you and your customers. So, next time I see you at THE NBM SHOW and you ask, "What's new?" I have a few things for you. PW Josh Ellsworth is the VP of sales, dealer channel for Stahls'. He deals in the sales and implementation of heat applied, apparel decorating systems with a core focus on customization. He has experience in mass customiza- tion for apparel; production, sales, marketing and business development with a background in social media marketing including videos, blog development, and social networking. He also delivers educational seminars at trade shows around the world and regularly contributes articles to trade publications, like Printwear magazine. Zach Ellsworth is the strategic product manager for Stahls'. In this role, Zach develops channels and partners for CADCUT (heat transfer vinyl) sales. Zach also deals with business development for the company, catalyzing the adoption of heat printing technology through education, consultation, and connecting the proverbial dots.

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