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2 0 1 9 M A Y P R I N T W E A R 3 1 store last weekend and couldn't help but notice your embroidered cap." Today, any darts shirt I choose to wear to a dart tournament generates interest and sales, and I toss out more business cards than I do darts at the boards. Finally, look for opportunities in sponsorship. Golf tournaments, marathons, and other events are avenues to getting your domain name in front of qualified buyers. Not just your business name, but your online existence. Its more than business exposure, its driving people to your website to learn more about you, remember that ease of useful information and access, and eventually placing a call or dropping you an email and committing to a purchase. PW Kelly "Rags" Ragland entered the imprinted sportswear industry in 1996, maintaining a sharp focus on Web Development and Internet Marketing in every part of his 20+ year career. He now lends the majority of his marketing skills to a global organization for animal welfare. or herself "I wonder what that is?" Chanc- es are their curiosity will lead them to look you up the next time they go online. Consider your wardrobe. Do you have any T-shirts that simply say, "I got my T- shirt and much more at www.mywebsite. com"? Back in the 90s when I was selling embroidery, I lost track of how many cli- ents I landed from simply standing in line at the grocery store wearing a clever shirt, jacket, or cap stitched up with my logo and domain name on it. It is exciting to get a quote request from your website with the opening line of "I saw you at the hardware

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