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2 0 1 9 M A Y P R I N T W E A R 3 5 The favored colors this season are soft and serene, but in no way should that be read as boring or uninspired. It's more appropriate to envision each color of the rainbow in the earliest version of itself–– like the horizon of a fresh day, perfectly summarizing the awakening that is spring. Think agave greens, pearly pinks, marbled grays, and topaz blues. Much more sophis- ticated than the pastels often associated with this time of year and traditionally re- served for the junior and youth markets, this palette is more indicative of a Sonoran sunrise than a backyard dyed egg hunt. PHYSICAL FORM Speaking of new beginnings, this time of thawing out for colder climates will see many of us take it back to the streets. No longer forced to work up a sweat indoors, women will reach for stylish coordinates that are soft to the touch and up to the task. Courtney Phillipps, Cotton Heritage, says seasonal women's athleisure is definitely ready for action. She notes that French terry is making a comeback in contemporary tops and bottoms, specifically cut to flatter the female form with slim lines that add re- finement. The scrutinizing eye of female shop- pers will, indeed, always land on the crafty minutiae that make a garment special. In order to capture that attention, Courtney Karam of Citadel Brands describes the components she expects to do just that. Above: In a spectrum of desert hues, art- fully placed nuances, such as delicate gath- ers and creative necklines add interest and depth to traditional staples. (Images courte- sy SanMar) Right: No need to reach for his hoodie when details like this grab all of the attention. (Images courtesy Citadel Brands)

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