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totes could be somewhat bland with their one-and-two-color company logo drops," he states. With disciplines like dye sublima- tion, decorators can now offer much more vibrant looks and exciting designs for every- thing from seascapes to rich art for outer space themes, Huebner adds. Lori Helms, Carolina Made, confirms the popularity of totes, pointing to a grow- ing range of color and sizing options as selling factors. "Totes are growing at a tre- mendous rate because manufacturers can make them look different by colorblock- ing the bag or handles, changing the size, or adding pockets , all for a relatively low cost," she notes. Backpacks continue to grow in popular- ity as well, in both the traditional zip-up bag and drawstring backpack styles. While they don't typically offer as many compart- ments or organizing options, Alp Ereren, Terry Town suggests that the drawstring bag offers its own versatility both on the client and decorator sides. "It's perfect for the beach, the gym, or any activity that doesn't require the full storage of a larger bag," Ereren says. "With a generous area to decorate, it's a solid choice for great, on- the-go brand awareness." In addition to bags, sources point to a few other items that continue to see popular- ity for their customization qualities. Ereren suggests that travel accessories are growing in popularity since they help travelers easily identify luggage at busy places like airports and bus terminals. "Luggage covers and lug- gage handle grabbers are simple solutions that can be made with smaller heat presses for sublimation," he suggests. Producers can also recommend coordinating items 2 0 1 9 M A Y P R I N T W E A R 4 5 Above: If the fabric construction is suitable, dye- sublimation is also a viable option for bag deco- ration. (Image courtesy HookFish Manufacturing) Right: In addition to baggage, corresponding items like luggage accessories can be a decort- able option. (Images courtesy Terry Town)

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