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2 0 1 9 M A Y P R I N T W E A R 5 9 2 0 1 9 M A Y P R I N T W E A R 5 9 THE LATEST TRANSFER PAPER offers Opaque Print laser transfer paper. This paper allows for transferring of bright-colored images onto dark fabrics using a color laser printer. It's compatible with cotton, poly- ester, and cotton/polyester blends in dark colors. It works well with color laser copiers and printers with or without fuser oil. It is recommended to use a vinyl cutter to weed the image for a more profes- sional transfer. Sheets come in 8.5" X 11", 11" X 17", and A3 and A4 sizes in quantities of 25-, 50-, 100- and 500-piece packages. 800-833-3432 MULTI-MEDIA TRANSFERS Foxyware offers custom multi-mixed media trans- fers on one transfer. Available materials include rhinestones, foil, glitter, lace, satin, chenille, mesh foil, sublimated holo foil, sequin, rayon, and leatherette. Transfers press at 350 degrees F for 12 seconds. Designs are made to order. 877-241-6134 PW STRETCHY TRANSFERS Elasto-Flex Transfers from Ace Transfer Company are screen-printed transfers featuring an adhesive crystal that makes them suitable for troublesome fabrics like spandex, moisture-wicking material, and 100 percent polyester. 800-525-3126 POLYESTER EMBROIDERY THREAD Endura Embroidery Thread, from MESA Supplies, is a commercial embroidery thread available in 189 polyester colors, plus metallic, glow in the dark, and neons. Endura is 100 percent polyester, except the metallic threads which are metal and nylon. All threads features high tenacity, continu- ous filament fiber, a fine finish, and evenly balanced twist. 800-330-3867 PRODUCT ADDITIONS One Stop, a wholesale supplier of apparel, accessories, and supplies, has joined with OrderMyGear to include products from Alleson Athletic, Boxercraft, Champro Sports, Enza, Paragon, and Mega Caps onto its platform. 214-945-4000 GALVANOMETRIC LASER BITO offers the Z Galva Standalone Laser, a laser head that can move up or down to accommodate a variety of applications. In addition to its Z-axis movement, the machine is designed to integrate multiple tasks and attachments. Abilities depend on the laser wattage, but the laser is suitable for a wide range of textiles including embroidery appliqué and some rigid material such as plastics. With higher wattages, it's compatible with leather, wood, and synthetics. The machine features a frame design that allows the galvanometric scan head to hover freely over the work area with the ability to rise or drop to accommodate various heights and objects. 866-248-6872

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