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18 THE SHOP JUNE 2019 ADVANCED TESTING With the ongoing advancements being made in new-vehicle technology, it's not a surprise that dyno makers are working to keep up. "With new technology being introduced into the automotive sector on a regular basis, what we're seeing here is a continued demand for our products," says Scott Sobie, sales manager, Mustang Dynamom- eter. "It's not only for end-of-line testing and validation, but also for tuning and performance shops that need to make sure that they are able to do the job right the first time, preventing comebacks. Today's vehicles are getting more intelligent, so the technology of the dynamometers needs to keep up—otherwise, shops will quickly find out that there are vehicles that will not be able to be driven onto their dyno. So, either the shop owner will have to turn away the business or rent someone else's dyno." Allison Blackstein, COO of Dynocom Industries Inc., explains that, historically, water and hydraulic brakes were used in chassis dynos, but with the advent of new technology eddy current brakes "are now the norm in roller and hub dynos." The advantage of eddy current brakes, she adds, "is that they are faster to con- trol versus a mechanical valve. As micro- processors become faster and less expen- sive, dynamometers must adapt to more sophisticated ECUs. The most prevalent example of this is in AWD synchronous Today's vehicles are getting more intelligent, so dynamometer technology must keep up. (Photos courtesy Mustang Dynamometer) Dynos are an effective marketing tool that demonstrates a shop's abilities. (Photo courtesy SuperFlow Performance Products) Dyno results can do the product selling for you. (Photo courtesy SuperFlow Performance Products)

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