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JUNE 2019 THE SHOP 19 mode between the front and rear axles." Over at SuperFlow, Travis Thirkettle, performance products specialist, says the technology in the company's water brake and eddy current dynos is as reliable as always, even as the company has made strides in the ease-of-use of its data acqui- sition software. "One of the things we're most excited about is the ability to run on the Win- dows operating system with components and hardware that are widely available," he adds. "The fact that we're not using proprietary parts makes it that much easier and cost-effective for our customers when it's time to update or replace their data acquisition system." Yes, personal computers and professional dynamometers are now more compatible than ever. "Our dyno electronics and software have more in common with modern computers and software such as Windows 10," says Will Fong, sales manager for Dynojet Research Inc. "You can use any current off-the-shelf PC computer to operate the Dynojet dyno—even wirelessly—versus requiring a specific computer made just for the dyno. Our software also allows for multiple users to connect to the dyno from multiple laptops or desktops." That, of course, opens up the door to sharing on social media and other ways to utilize the collected data. REAL-WORLD BENEFITS Even with the technological advancements and ease-of-use breakthroughs, dynos are still a big investment for most independent shops. The manufacturers explain what to expect when becoming a new dyno owner. Thirkettle says that the machines are an important tool that can enhance existing product and service offerings. "Everyone always assumes that selling dyno time is the only way to make money. The truth is that, for a well-run shop, dyno time is going to be one of the smaller rev- enue streams," he says. "First and foremost, it's a marketing tool. You can demonstrate that your garage has capabilities that your competitors don't and it's a clear differen- tiator in terms of service offerings. It allows for research and development opportuni- ties that will make your engines better and allow you to sell more for more money. It's also a great tool to test individual parts and ultimately sell more of them." Once used simply to measure horsepower, these days dynos provide a virtual testing ground for performance improvements and tuning upgrades, and can be a fun addition to aftermarket outlets looking to generate excitement. (Photo courtesy SuperFlow Performance Products)

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