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20 THE SHOP JUNE 2019 The results, he adds, instill confidence that what you're selling is making a real difference in a vehicle's performance. "You can show tangible evidence that the part your customer is buying will lead to real results in the performance of their engine. With data acquisition reports to back it up, it practically does the selling for you." Like a strong report card, positive dyno results are something drivers will want to stick on their refrigerators for everyone to see. "A chassis dyno is a required tool for per- formance-orientated shops," Fong believes. "The dyno allows opportunities for more people to get familiar with the shop by hosting dyno days, open houses, etc. The primary payoff is the credibility the dyno provides by proving to customers the per- formance and/or gains they were able to achieve with their vehicles." Blackstein also notes that dynos allow for testing in a controlled/safe environment. "Legally, you cannot drive 150 mph (unless you are on the Autobahn) on the street," she explains. "A dyno also allows the tuner to tune maximum brake torque (MBT). There is always an optimal spark timing for all operating conditions of an engine. MBT is ideal at wide-open throttle (WOT), but not desirable when the engine is at idle. Although MBT is desired at WOT, it is wise to retard timing slightly to prevent knocking that may occur and to create a small safety margin. It is possible to calcu- late the MBT of an engine by taking into account all of the operating conditions through its sensors." And as your reputation grows, Sobie explains, so does the dyno's importance to the overall performance of the shop. "The dyno will be the shop's cash cow and most-used tool," he predicts. "Once a shop gets a dyno and the word gets out, the business will come. Most shops that we talk to have wait times on average of two to three weeks out. Some report as many as four weeks." That's also where the quality of the dyno comes into play, he notes. "A dyno that is always down for repairs is Dynos earn shops credibility, proving the benefits of upgraded performance components. (Photo courtesy Dynojet) Dyno training is available from reputable sources. (Photo courtesy Dynojet) Hot New Dyno Products Manufacturers share their hottest new dyno products: Mustang Dynamometer Hot Product: Holeshot dynamometer controls & software Features & Benefits: Web-based system; quality graphics. Dynojet Hot Product: Dynojet Power Vision flash tuner for high-performance UTVs Features & Benefits: Incorporates with Dynojet dyno to get all of the vehicle's onboard data and stream it live into the dyno electronics and software by either CAN or USB; C3 side program for tuning. Dynocom Industries Inc. Hot Product: Quantum 9 software and its new hardware platform Features & Benefits: Bluetooth wire- less handheld. SuperFlow Performance Products Hot Product: SF-902s water brake performance engine dynamometer Features & Benefits: Versatile design; low-inertia brake; WinDyn data acquisition & control software. As microprocessors become faster and less expensive, dynamometers must adapt to more sophisticated ECUs. (Photo courtesy Dynocom Industries)

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