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22 THE SHOP JUNE 2019 controls both heat and sound and has an OE fit. Each kit has specially designed materials for specific parts of the vehicle. They are designed to take the guesswork out of heat and sound control and pro- vide custom-cut solutions to give your vehicle a cool, quiet, comfortable ride. A common misconception regarding Sound Deadening products is … … that one product cures both heat and sound. It is a combination of products that does the job correctly. A sound-/vibration-control product like our Boom Mat vibration damping material controls vibrations and noise coming through the metal structure of the vehicle including the floorboards, firewall, trunk, rear seat bulkhead, doors, etc. A heat barrier is next, such as our Under Carpet Lite. This blocks up to 85 percent of heat coming through the floorboards and firewall from engines, exhausts and the road. This product also absorbs sound that is bouncing around in the cab. When you get into a luxury car and shut the door, everything sounds kind of muffled—kind of like you almost have a head cold. That is Under Capet Lite at work, absorbing sounds bouncing around in the cabin. It is used instead of carpet padding or jute. Our D-Mat is an extremely lightweight heat insulator for headliners, inside doors and rear seat bulkheads. This blocks heat coming through and keeps interiors cool. An unexpected benefit for shops offering Sound Deadening products is … … the ease of use and installation. These custom-cut kits are made from 3D digital scans for accuracy. Then each piece is CNC- cut so the customer does not have to make Noise control products offer drivers a quieter, more enjoyable ride. Snd Advice 22 THE SHOP JUNE 2019 S ound-deadening products can fall into the category of vehicle upgrades that many consumers don't know they need until they experience them firsthand. Often paired with heat-control, sound deadening products can make for a quieter, more enjoyable drive. If your customers are interested in the quality of their rides, then chances are they'd be interested in sound control products. A counter display or showroom setup can introduce the benefits to walk- in customers, leading to add-on sales. There are also spray-on material options, meaning the offerings can be customized to any vehicle—with ben- efits that are obvious the first time the customer sits down inside the vehicle and closes the door. Manufacturers offer some updates on new products and kits, market trends and ways to increase sales in this category that may speak softly, but has a lot to say. Design Engineering Inc. Avon Lake, Ohio Steve Garrett Creative Director Our hottest Sound Deadening product for 2019 is … … pre-cut Interior Heat & Sound Con- trol Kits. Its best features include … ... being an all-in-one custom-cut kit that Sound deadening is an in-demand product that enhances the driver's experience. (Photos courtesy DEI/Boom Mat)

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