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24 THE SHOP JUNE 2019 Thermo-Tec High-Performance Products Inc. Greenwich, Ohio Nick Helms Sales Director Our hottest Sound Deadening/Thermal Insulation product is … … Suppressor acoustical and heat-control mat. Its best features include … … its tar-based adhesive alongside its alu- minum face, providing excellent sound and heat absorption. The biggest misconception regarding Sound Deadening/Thermal Insulation products is … … that you don't need to cover maximum surface area to receive maximum protection. An unexpected benefit for shops offering Sound Deadening/Thermal Insulation products is … … being able to capture customers from all different markets. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their sales of Sound Deadening products … … provide reputable information regarding the products and the market. Consumers sometimes don't even consider sound- and heat-deadening products because they don't realize that there are products that can take care of both their sound and heat issues. D & H Heat Technology Inc./ Koolmat Insulation Mooresville, North Carolina Patrycya Hill President Our hottest Sound Deadening product for 2019 is … … Koolmat Insulation, a 0.70 thin sili- cone/fiberglass composite cured to 1,000 degrees. Its best features include … … it stops extreme heat, lowers sound and fits under OEM carpets. It lowers sound by 23 decibels in the firewall/floor/tunnel areas; is abrasion- and mildew-resistant; no asbestos is involved in manufacturing; it is easy to cut; is made in the USA; and it won't crack, peel, dry-out, curl-up or shrink in 40 years. A common misconception regarding Sound Deadening products is … … most buyers think it will stop heat, too; it will not. If the store says to use two layers—that won't stop heat. A composite only needs one layer. An unexpected benefit for shops offering Sound Deadening products is … … educating the customer on what the product can do will give the buyer an advantage to choose what he wants and how he will use it, and he will come back. Be educated yourself on your products. Here's a tip shops can use to increase their sales of Sound Deadening products … … shops can offer three ways to improve sound or heat reduction—a good, better, best approach. That way, if the salesperson A quality installation means years of trouble-free use for driv- ers. (Photos courtesy Thermo-Tec High-Performance Products Inc.) Suggest quality sound deadening solutions as part of an overall vehicle upgrade. (Photos courtesy Thermo-Tec High- Performance Products Inc.) Be sure to educate your salespeople and installers on the benefits of sound dead- ening products. (Photo courtesy Koolmat Insulation) Snd Advice

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