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JUNE 2019 THE SHOP 29 EFI System Edelbrock, Torrance, California, introduces the Pro-Flo 4 EFI advanced electronic fuel injection system. Offering an all- new, compact and water-resistant ECU that features a faster processor with an upgraded Bluetooth chip for more reliable connectivity with the system's E-Tuner app, the Pro-Flo 4's advanced tuning options give total control over cold starts and acceleration but do not require laptop tuning. Self-learning capability continually adjusts the calibration to get the maximum performance out of any engine. Digital Dash 12-Volt Plug-In AEM, Hawthorne, California, presents its 12V AEMnet Power Cable that powers a CD-5 or CD-7 Carbon Digital Dash Display from a common automotive 12-volt outlet. The cable simplifies sourcing switched power for racing enthusiasts who want to remove their CD Carbon dash when not at the track, or for users who do not want to splice into a switched power source to power their CD Carbon dashes. The dashes offer a combination of daylight readability, robust internal data logging, internal GPS for lap timing/track mapping and OBD-II CAN bus connectivity. GM Piston Kits MAHLE Motorsport, Fletcher, North Carolina, offers the all-new GM LSX Combo PowerPak Piston Kit, designed for high-output, naturally aspirated power-adder applications. The kit includes all-forged 2618 aluminum alloy pistons to allow for increased detonation resistance and a combination valve pocket design that covers LS1, LS3 and LS7 cylinder heads. Compression ratios are available from 10:1 through 14:1 and bore options range from 4.000 to 4.185 inches. The kit comes with an HV385 coated steel oil ring set: 1.0mm top, napier 1.0mm 2nd and 2.0mm. Racing Transmission Fluids & Gear Oils Hot Shot's Secret, Mt. Gilead, Ohio, introduces Adrenaline Racing Transmission Fluids (available in Multi-Vehicle ATF and Nano Shift) and Adrenaline Racing Gear Oils (available in R9, R11 and R14). Both the new transmission oils and gear oils were developed to improve protection and performance for high-load/high-torque race applications. The transmission oils are for use in automatic transmissions coupled with high-horsepower engines. The gear oils lower operating temperatures, reduce wear and shearing, and improve oxidation stability. Adjustable In-Tank Fuel Pumps Aeromotive Inc., Lenexa, Kansas, introduces all-new, adjustable- height, in-tank configurations of the company's Brushless Fuel Pump Series. The Brushless A1000, Brushless Eliminator, Brushless 3.5 GPM and Brushless 5.0 GPM pumps are now offered in adjustable configurations that make installation possible in almost any application. They are designed to provide the power and versatility demanded of fuel delivery systems in high- performance track cars and radical street machines. Half-Shafts GForce Performance Engineering, Wichita, Kansas, offers its updated Axle line, including Outlaw CV Half- Shafts. The bolt-on Outlaw features large-diameter axle bars; complete CNC-machined, one-piece inner and outer stubs; and polished CVs inside and out. Polishing significantly reduces friction and heat buildup and improves the CVs' wear characteristics. Other enhancements include an internal alloy upgrade for increased strength and the inclusion of ARP fasteners.

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