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JUNE 2019 THE SHOP 31 TS: You said you had a radio you had trouble with. What was the problem? Boettcher: I can't remember everything, but it was knocking the battery down or something. We had no luck with tech sup- port. Sound World techs called the manu- facturer's rep. They got nowhere. The atti- tude was, "You bought it, tough bounce." It's a problem. The '57 Chevy owner would spend $1,000 on a stereo. There's good product out there, but I don't always trust the tech support. TS: Well, the radio in that car looks original. Where did it come from? Boettcher: I don't know. The owner installed it and I wish he saved the box. I needed to see the back. I had to use an inspection mirror. TS: What do rodders want in an install? Boettcher: Many of them want the radio in an overhead or center console, so I end up being creative to hide it. The yellow truck owner added an overhead console and I had to make the mousetrap fit; but some guys don't care if it's located right in the middle of the dash. TS: What types of speakers work the best? Boettcher: It's a matter of how much you want to spend. You can spend $250 or you can spend $50. I try to hit the middle of the road, if not the higher end. The speaker is where your sound comes from. You get what you pay for. TS: What advice do you have for someone doing audio in a street rod? Boettcher: Leave room for wires and speakers. Guys bring me a certain piece of equipment, but it won't fit. You can't make things fit after the fact. A lot of times there's extra bracing they could have put in. Once an interior is in, I can't drill holes. The '57 Chevy needed a block of wood to hold the console. When they put the first console together, nobody put in a good support. I did a '35 Ford pickup with an overhead console in it and the owner knew what he wanted. So, I just plugged it in. The Appleton, Wisconsin shop is small but neat. Boettcher works on one car at a time. The '57 Chevy owner wanted a dock built into the beautiful aluminum center console that Boettcher crafted so he could use his iPod. Here is the '57 Chevy interior before the console that Boettcher fabricated to hold the audio system was installed. You can see the color-coded wiring. The Chevy's backseat had to be removed so that wiring could be run.

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