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38 THE SHOP JUNE 2019 JUNE 2019 Work Trucks p.38 p.44 Group Effort p. 50 Hiring Salespeople p.56 Products p.60 WORK IT OUT Big things are happening in the professional vehicle market. Juan Ibarra of Discovery Channel's Gold Rush outfitted his orange work truck with CTech Mfg. tool drawers throughout. "I've worked in some of the toughest, most remote places on earth—from Alaska to the Yukon and heights of the Rocky Moun- tains—and CTech drawers can stand up to the rigors of my work environ- ment and the rough demands of my everyday work," Ibarra said. (Photos courtesy CTech Mfg.) By Stefanie Galeano-Zalutko EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first in a two- par t series examining the professional work vehicle market and the oppor tu- nities it offers restylers and upfitters. W hat the professional vehicle market lacks in glitz and glam, it certainly makes up for in sustainable business poten- tial. The industry was projected to produce and sell more than $146.6 billion in trucks, trailers, buses and truck equipment during 2018—approximately $9 billion more than 2017. The Association for the Work Truck Industry (NTEA) anticipates continued growth of commercial truck and truck chassis sales in 2019, albeit at a slower rate than last year due to unique market chal- lenges. If your restyling business is equipped to handle fleet and professional truck and van upfitting, now is the time to closely monitor what's happening in the profes- sional market. A YEAR OF UNCERTAINTY? While they haven't been in the headlines as much as last year, macro market forces including tariffs and low unemployment could affect professional vehicle growth this year, experts predict.

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