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56 THE SHOP JUNE 2019 HIRING YOUR NEXT SALESPERSON Questions to consider when bringing in more help. Expanding your sales team can help bring in new business, or free up current staff mem- bers to accomplish other tasks. N o matter the size of your company, there will come a time when you start to wonder if you should expand your sales efforts. This can mean adding to your existing sales team or simply hiring a helping hand to take care of customers. Would this new team member be an inside salesperson or an outside represen- tative of the company? Regardless, there are some things to keep in mind when hiring your next salesperson. WHAT AM I LOOKING TO ACCOMPLISH? Sure, the easy answer is more sales! How- ever, you should put more thought into exactly how that will happen. Is there an untapped outside territory that you believe could generate more business? If so, then does that territory have enough potential to keep a sales- person busy short- and long-term? It may take some time before entering that new territory begins to produce a profit. So, are you financially able to sup- port a sales rep during that ramping-up period? And if the territory isn't large enough to support someone full-time, are there other inside sales programs that your new team member can assist with as well? Thinking about questions like these is important because many times shop owners believe that if they hire a new salesperson, it will be like turning on a light switch and the business will come pouring in. Rarely does that ever happen. It takes time, effort and planning to get the ball rolling and then, yes, sometimes new business does begin to flow. But con- stant and consistent effort is needed to make it happen. Another factor to consider is if you are looking for new business or instead need someone to help with existing business. If it is simply helping with existing business, then how can you make sure you aren't just adding overhead? You will need to come up with a plan so that whoever is being relieved a bit will now have time to do something else that benefits the company. Simply adding a person usually doesn't add profits— having a plan regarding what else the company needs to accomplish and duties that need to be performed is important so that all parties know what is expected when another person is brought onboard to help. WHO AM I LOOKING FOR? Sales has a broad meaning, so once you determine what you are trying to accom- plish, then you need to decide on the type By Josh Poulson

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