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A&E JUNE 2019 • 9 2. HEPA filters remove the finest of respirable dust particles with an extreme efficiency of 99.999% at 0.3 microns. 3. Gas filters remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors. They contain a mix of industrial grade activated carbon and chem- ical oxidizing additives. Activated carbon is a wonder material that has a unique internal micro-structure that locks VOCs deep within it. The additives increase the spectrum of capture, which is required given the wide range of VOCs generated in laser processing. • Blowers: Blowers generate the air- flow and vacuum pressure required to pull the air from the laser cabinet and through filters. High-end sys- tems have high-pressure blowers that have at least 1,000 watts of power to maintain adequate airflow for longer periods despite heavy soiling of the fil- ters. Be aware that lower cost systems that have power ratings significantly below 1,000 watts (and less pressure capabilities) have adequate initial airflow but their performance drops off more quickly than high-powered ones. This shortcoming substantially increases filter consumption and there- fore increases operating costs. • Control Electronics: The pre-filter or HEPA filter will gradually fill up with dust. Consequently, the filter's resis- tance to airflow increases. Modern extractor systems are equipped with sensors that react to the stifling effect of dust accumulation and automati- cally apply more power to the blower to maintain constant and consistent fume extraction without having to constantly adjust the power settings manually. Eventually the system will alarm when the filter has reached the end of its life. WHAT ARE YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS? Do you and your employees care about air pollution? This is a fundamental question relating to your company's culture. The culture reaches to the core of a company's ideology and practice and affects every aspect of a business. Specifically, it can affect your ability to recruit, retain, and maintain happy employees to ensure maximum productivity. Fume extractors now come in all shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of today's business niches. IMAGE COURTESY JDS INDUSTRIES IMAGE COURTESY PAT TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS IMAGE COURTESY QUATRO AIR

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