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12 • A&E JUNE 2019 large capacity filters because of the heavy dust and VOC load. Larger or multiple lasers require bigger fume extractors that house bigger or more blowers for greater airflow. In addition, if you start off with a single laser but anticipate expanding your business with more lasers, consider selecting an extraction system that can be easily and cost effectively upgraded in the future to support two or more lasers simultaneously. WHAT MATERIALS ARE YOU PROCESSING? The leading brands of fume extractors all make machines that are intended to filter out the full spectrum of fumes asso- ciated with commonly lasered materials. Your business may use a mix of materials or specialize in a single material. Either way, modern fume extractors have you covered. However, there is opportunity to make an optimal choice if you specialize in one specific material. For example, if you are exclusively cutting acrylic every day, choosing a fume extractor with at least 80 lbs. of gas adsorption media ensures that the extractor has the capacity for the high VOC load in this application. Lasering acrylics generates approximately 90% gas and 10% dust. So, favoring a machine with 80 lbs. of carbon ensures that the frequency of filter replacement is appropriate. In this case, it is also beneficial to choose a system that has a gas filter that is separate and independent from the HEPA filter because the gas filter would be consumed before the HEPA filter, given the lighter dust load. In contrast, a combined filter that contains both a HEPA filter and a gas filter within one Chart courtesy Chau Vo

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