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A&E JUNE 2019 • 41 What challenges does this equipment pose? Chuck Donaldson, Antares Inc. • Taking an over-simplified look on a mechanical level, a router is really just a large engraving machine. The X, Y, Z and spindle speeds are similar in func- tion. However, some router software are not as simple as some engraving software, so the user may be required to put more thought and effort into what is necessary to get the machine to produce the desired output. Steve Alvarez, Laguna Tools • The learning curve to operate a CNC is relatively quick. For smaller shops, space may be an issue and special consideration needs to be given to machine placement and workflow. • Dust is an obstacle that must be considered. You will need to make sure your machine is isolated from sensitive equipment like laminating machines, printers, or any other areas in your shop where excessive dust will be a detriment. IMAGE COURTESY AXYZ INTERNATIONAL ©2019, Laguna Tools, Inc. LAGUNA ® and the LAGUNA Logo are the registered trademarks of Laguna Tools, Inc. All rights reserved. 2072 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606 825 Bistline Drive, West Columbia, SC 29172

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