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June '19

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TOP 5 PIECES OF ADVICE Steve Alvarez, Laguna Tools 1. My fist piece of advice to first-time CNC purchasers is to give yourself time! Don't buy your machine based on a big job that you just landed and a lead time given based on when you get the machine. You want time to familiarize yourself with the software and how to draw your jobs. You will also want to familiarize yourself with the operation of the machine. 2. Maintain your machine to factory rec- ommendations: cleaning the machine off after every shift, lubricating the rails and bearings, keeping airlines to the machine free of moisture, and blowing out filters if you are running a vacuum pump. 3. Eye protection is a must and should be a requirement for any employee that operates the CNC machine. Vacuum pumps can be loud, so ear protection may be considered by those with sensi- tive hearing. 4. Don't use dull bits! Router bits wear out. This affects your cut quality and could potentially damage a project that you are in the middle of routing. 5. Do not cut nonferrous metals without some type of coolant or lubrication. 42 • A&E JUNE 2019 IMAGE COURTESY MULTICAM IMAGE COURTESY TECHNO CNC

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