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June '19

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I began to look at gig posters I've col- lected over the years and online images for inspiration and color choices. After viewing hundreds of great examples, I began to gravitate to the screen-printed posters that utilize halftones more as a design feature than as a necessary function of the screen- print process — like the ones I found in Figures B and C. Lacking the time, equipment, and screen-printing skills, however, I decided instead to mimic a screen-printed poster and use some of the monikers of a screen- printed rock poster: halftones and a lim- ited color palette. I made a few poster design samples (Figures D and E) and let the client select a favorite and offer feed- back. Constant design elements found in all the posters are the crow, guitar, and book, all of which were represented as halftones. Let's backtrack a bit. In a nutshell, halftones are a collection of dots that represent an image or part of an image that is made of a continuous color. When produced in a particular size and spaced a specific distance from one another, these dots can create an optical illusion. They create the illusion that a gradient or lighter tone of a color is represented in the image. Halftones can be found in printing or engraving when the process is binary; either the print/engraving is produced, or it isn't. Think of a laser. The laser can either be actively lasering or not at all. Black areas in a design will be lasered and white areas will be left bare. Figure F is a typical production-ready halftone, and Figure G represents the lasered result of that image. Corel Photo-PAINT offers powerful yet simple tools to create any halftone needed. In this tutorial, there are no tools or techniques that require a recent version of CorelDRAW or Photo-PAINT. In fact, all the tools used have been in existence since I began using CorelDRAW in 1998. A&E JUNE 2019 • 45 Figure C Figure D Figure E

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