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A&E JUNE 2019 • 47 larger dots created for an exaggerated effect, use a number below 30. For either purpose, I like to use a round dot at a 45-degree angle, but those options are mostly subjective if the halftone is just going to be used as a design effect. In Figure I, there is no illusion occurring, as this image exhibits the larger, exaggerated halftone at 15 LPI. One added bonus: the color of a half- tone bitmap (black and white by default) can be changed with just one click in CorelDRAW. To do this, import a half- tone image into the CorelDRAW work- space (Ctrl+I). With the image selected, right-click any palette color to change the black areas of the bitmap. Left-click a palette color to change the white areas of the bitmap. Left-click the Transparent option (the "X" at the top of the palette) to make the white areas transparent (Figure J). One caveat: the file type must be a BMP file in order to perform this color modification technique. laser engraving / print fume extraction solutions call. (618) 205 5007 email. visit. laser printing Call our experts to find the perfeCt solution for your specific requirements • RELIABLE • HIGH QUALITY • LOW LIFETIME COSTS • MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY • HIGH PERFORMANCE • AFFORDABLE We are experts in fume extraction and filtration for all types of laser and print processing, including engraving, coding and marking, cutting, drilling, welding, 3D printing, uv, dye sub and solvent applications. Figure I For Advertising Inquiries, Call: 800-669-0424

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