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June '19

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A&E JUNE 2019 • 51 Graphic Design Weld icon. The final result is shown in Figure 7. Note that I had added some text and gave it a similar 3-D look to simulate raised lettering. It is important to keep shadow and highlight features consistent throughout for realism. My light source for the entire project was left and top — this must be the same for all objects. Any resulting shadows must be right and bottom; otherwise, it creates a visual con- flict to reality. In Figure 7, I removed all outlines for a more realistic appearance. The outlines are important for clarity but sometimes render the image as "contrived." It is often a judgement call for the designer to render the "perfect" depiction of an image depending on final appearance and output abilities. Of course, various details can always be added for a more realistic appearance. I have included in Figure 8 a sign pro- duced for a local hardware store, which they placed above their key-making kiosk. All the keys in this sign were created using the techniques of our project. Each of these drawings, when one is familiar and confi- dent with the tools involved, can easily be rendered in less than 20 minutes. We have used a few of the many Corel- DRAW tools available (Combine, Weld, Trim, Intersect) — these few are the most important for many projects, yet many others exist. In future articles, we will look at some of them. I encourage you to explore other tools and processes to learn and understand their value in a workflow. As always, I am excited to hear ques- tions, insights, and general chit-chat about CorelDRAW. My email is dezender1@ Any questions will be answered as soon as possible. Figure 8 A&E

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