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56 • A&E JUNE 2019 PERCEPTION Perception is tied to judgment and in the context of life, it is defined as the way you present yourself and ultimately the impression that you leave behind. We all carry out our lives in certain ways, and as a result, we leave behind a trail of judg- ments about our capabilities, personality, and appearance. Perception guides our reputations. Essentially everything we do as we con- duct ourselves is scrutinized by those with whom we come into contact with and cre- ates our profile according to them. This is also where the perception others have of you can go awry. Most of the time there is no connection between how we see ourselves and how others see us. Yes, even though life may be about perception, usually that perception is wrong. Although we want people to see us a certain way, their opinions are formed by a number of factors, not all of which are necessarily based upon how they see us. It is important to remember that the entire world is the aggregate reflection of who we are and what we believe. The per- ception that each of us gives off adds to the many preconceptions that those with whom we associate have, and as a result, sometimes there is little any of us can do to sway these notions even if we want to change them. Statements can be true or false, but regardless of what they are, it is more about what people choose to believe than what we want them to understand. W e have all heard the old cliché, "It's funny how life works." Regardless of how funny (or not) we think life is, it has a way of circling back to two important elements: perception and math. This is probably not something we think about all the time, but if we understand that these two words guide our actions more than we probably think, it will make us stronger as we move forward. Two Important Elements of Life: Perception and Math THE WORLD MARKETPLACE OF TROPHIES & AWARDS By Eric Priceman Eric Priceman is President of Victory, division of Planter Inc. in Chicago, Illinois. In his over three decades in the awards and engraving industry, he has traveled extensively, both domestically and internationally, visiting customers and suppliers. He is happy to share his unique perspectives of the industry, both past and present. Please feel free to contact Eric by email at or by phone at 773-637-7777 ext. 228.

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