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June '19

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A&E JUNE 2019 • 59 Top UV Printing Tips for Wood Substrates Finished woods work the best for me when I am UV printing them. Printers with white and clear inks help adhere the print to the surface. Maple wood is one of my favorites to use with the printer. The light wood color can be used as the white background instead of using a white base under the colored inks. This allows the grain of the wood to show through the lighter colors, giving it an even more unique appearance. Barry Stewart, Colorado Heirloom Popular Types of Wood for Personalization The most popular/common wood types that we use are alder, maple, and cherry. These lighter to medium-colored woods are used more often for gift projects as they can get a high natural contrast with lasers and also look great with color on them. Another common wood type used for awards is walnut. This is a dark wood that has been set as a standard for high-end awards and award bases. Some woods can be stained darker to achieve the same look as walnut, giving the end user the same look and feel but at a lower cost. Blue Pine (seen above) is still in high demand as it is a recycled wood. This is getting more difficult to produce as the wood often has many small bore holes in the grain that cannot be avoided for every piece being manufactured. Barry Stewart, Colorado Heirloom The Natural Allure of Wood Wood gives awards a natural look and feel that can't be achieved with man-made products. In addition to typical natural wood materials, there's been an influx of new products such as pre-stained and pre-colored wood sheets that open up a whole new world of possibilities. In addition, combining wood products with other media like metals and plastics adds a unique look to any award or sign project. Jessica Carpenter, JPPlus IMAGE COURTESY LOGOJET IMAGE COURTESY COLORADO HEIRLOOM IMAGE COURTESY COLORADO HEIRLOOM

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