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6 • A&E JUNE 2019 6 • A&E JUNE 2019 Sometimes all you have is five minutes. Five minutes of quiet time when you aren't running a 50-piece job on the laser. Five minutes where there isn't a ringing phone, pinging email, or doorbell all vying for your attention. Five minutes when bills aren't needing to be paid and you can just breathe. Other times you have a few hours. A few hours in the morning before you flip the sign to "Open." A few hours after the door is locked at the end of the day. A few hours on the weekend while gearing up for a busy work week. How do you spend those moments? Hopefully some of them are dedicated to a little education. For those of you reading this issue that currently have a few hours, I strongly encourage you to browse the pages. Whether you offer sandcarving, laser engraving, or a combination of technologies, there are several deep-dive articles that can help further your techniques. There's help for graphic design, sublima- tion, and even business management. Take your time — it's well-worth reading these articles for the rich information in them. For those of you who currently have just five minutes, we can help you with that, too. Aside from an article about Wood Decorating Tips (broken up into small pieces that can be individually digested as you have time on page 58), we also have a featurette on Routing 101 (page 38) and a calendar of events that you need to add to your schedule. And if you are really short on time, check out these five takeaway tips from this month's issue: 1) Aside from variations in form, a good ventless fume extractor has the fol- lowing critical components and general theory of operation: filters, blowers, and control electronics (Chau Vo, page 8). 2) Adding a few trending pieces to your dye-sublimation business gives you a chance to promote your products in a new way with a small investment (Jennifer Foy, page 32). 3) In a nutshell, halftones are a collection of dots that represent an image or part of an image that is made of a continuous color (Shon Roti, page 44). 4) If we understand that math and perception guide our actions more than we probably think, it will make us stronger as we move forward (Priceman, page 56). 5) When applying paint to sandcarved items, it is important to check if the paint you choose is for indoor and/or outdoor use, depending on the application (Ruth Dobbins, page 62). As you continue to peruse this issue, hopefully it helps you no matter how much time you have available. Until next time. INSCRIPTIONS Volume 32, Number 5 PUBLISHER Dan Peckham — EDITOR Cassie Green — ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Haleigh Erwin — Shanna Rowley — SALES SUPPORT Ryan Applebaum — ART & ADVERTISING DESIGN ART DIRECTOR Dayne Pillow PRINT ADVERTISING DESIGNER Kim M. Wright MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER Brian Hauser EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTING WRITERS RUTH DOBBINS, JENNIFER FOY, BOB HAGEL, CHERYL KUCHEK, ERIC PRICEMAN, SHON ROTI, CHAU VO, DOUG ZENDER DIGITAL CONTENT EDITOR Julia Schroeder — NATIONAL BUSINESS MEDIA, INC. PRESIDENT & CEO Robert H. Wieber Jr. VICE PRESIDENT/FINANCE Kori Gonzales, CPA VICE PRESIDENT/INTEGRATED MEDIA John A. Bennett VICE PRESIDENT/PUBLISHING AND MARKETS Dave Pomeroy VICE PRESIDENT/AUDIENCE Lori Farstad DIRECTOR OF TECHNICAL SERVICES Wolf Butler VICE PRESIDENT/EVENTS Sue Hueg CEM, CMP — EXECUTIVE TRADE SHOW SALES MANAGER Brandy Jamison-Neth — EXHIBITOR SERVICES Janet Cain — WANT TO KNOW MORE? Visit our website at, where you can find tons of articles about the awards market plus all the latest news going on around the industry. And don't forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Have a topic you want to discuss? Give me a call at 720-566-7278 or email me at Five Minutes Cassie Green EDITOR

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