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H eat print technology offers ad- vantages over other decorating methods, including a variety of special finishes, fast setup, materials for challenging fabrics, and scal- ability from low-volume to high-volume jobs. Arguably, the biggest advantage that heat printing offers over other decorating methods is flexibility in both placement and the range of available items to decorate beyond the basics. Specialty platens for shoes, koozies, hat bills, legs, and sleeves give you the abil- ity to decorate many items beyond stan- dard apparel. But don't pass up orders for odd-shaped objects because custom platens can be made to accommodate any item, from gloves to balls to golf bags and more. Additionally, custom platens allow you to set yourself apart and gain a huge advantage over your competitors who may have turned away the customer with an unorthodox decorating request. BEHIND THE DEMAND Heat printing is a decorating method that's been around for decades but has recently become more mainstream as the decorat- ing method of choice for many decorators. As decorators gravitate toward the simplic- ity and versatility of heat printing, the de- mand for custom platens follows. SPEED HEAT PRESS PRODUCTION With Specialty or Custom Platens B e n R o b i n s o n 10 n THE HOT GRAPHICS REPORT n 2019 This specialty platen allows you to print on the underside of up to four hat bills at a time. (Image courtesy Hotronix)

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