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T here was a time when the well-dressed woman would never dream of leaving the house without a hat, but those days have long passed. Today, women treat hats as another fashion accessory, not a necessity, but that doesn't mean that there aren't opportu- nities in this market. From cowboy hats to caps to veils and visors, headwear for wom- en can be a lucrative market for a decorator. HEADS UP One potential market in female headwear that has become more popular in recent years is caps. Whether wearing them for a team, to advertise allegiance to a cause, or simply to disguise a bad hair day, the base- ball cap has become a common accessory. In response to this trend, companies that make these types of hats have started creat- ing colors and styles that are more appealing to women. For baseball caps, the decorations tend to fall into two themes. One is the ath- letic cap, which is either worn by someone who is playing on a team or is a supporter. These caps are generally screen printed directly or with a transfer, or embroi- dered. The embroidery may be 3D embroidery, although that is perhaps more common on a trucker style cap. Caps designed for women are often cloth and less structured. The other type of decorated baseball cap is one that is worn more for fashion than utility. These types of caps may sport rhinestones, transfers, be screen printed or sublimated, or have embroidery. The decorations can range from monograms to symbols to other decorative and ornamental items. These types of hats are often used for sun protection or casual wear, so the deco- rations are usually simple and strictly for ornamentation. Since we now understand more about the damage that extreme exposure to sun can do to skin, a lot of women have adopted On Top WOMEN'S HEADWEAR K R I S T I N E S H R E V E 2 0 1 9 J U N E P R I N T W E A R 3 9 From caps labeled "Bride," "Maid of Honor," etc. to the bridal veil, weddings offer a lot of opportunities to sell headwear. (Image cour- tesy LaDiDa Lady Hats)

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