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2 0 1 9 J U N E P R I N T W E A R 4 1 hats as sun protection. Some will go with the baseball cap, while others may choose a visor or a sun hat as their method of shield- ing the sun's rays. Monogrammed sun hats, also known as floppy hats, are a popular version of this type of hat. These hats can be made of cloth or straw and are created with a wide brim. A monogram is gener- ally placed on the brim of the hat using embroidery. Keep in mind if you embroider a monogram, you're going to want to keep the underside of the brim as clean as pos- sible. Use a tearaway stabilizer and perhaps consider covering stitches with some fusible mesh. Visors are another popular type of sun protection often employed by those who need to keep the sun out of their eyes. The days of the old-style visors with the plastic colored shade over the face have mostly passed. Now, visors tend to be cloth with a baseball hat style brim. Both the brim and the band of the visor can be decorated, al- though most visors tend to be decorated on the band. This may be because in the case of embroidered visors, the embroidery will be hidden in the back of the band. Visors can also be screen printed, sublimated, or decorated with rhinestones. MILLINERY Another category of hats for women is what used to be commonly called millinery. While women don't wear hats as much as they used to, and don't commonly patron- ize milliners anymore, there are times when a hat is required. Some women still wear hats to weddings, while others will wear them to church. A hat may also be required at certain formal events, like the Kentucky Derby or holidays like Easter. While hats of this sort are not as commonly required as they once were, there is still a market for them. Hats of this type are more likely to be decorated with flowers or feathers, although they may have embroidery or rhinestones on them as well. Most hats of this type are sold by shops that specialize in creating this sort of headwear. WHERE When discussing where to sell women's headwear, we can't neglect the lucra- tive wedding market. From caps labeled "Bride," "Maid of Honor," etc. to the bridal veil, weddings offer a lot of oppor- tunities to sell headwear. Hats can be of- fered for the bachelorette party where they are decorated with a theme or just the date and place of the party itself. Bachelorette party hats can also be made to identify each member of the bridal party either

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