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2 0 1 9 J U N E P R I N T W E A R 4 7 Huggins supports this point, saying that the current mar- ket conditions create "the perfect storm driven by consum- ers, new printers, and corporate entities to move away from plastisol." In concert with this call for sustainability, there are now various global programs currently in place which certify goods like screen printing inks for their safety and sustain- ability characteristics. One such program, the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Programme (ZDHC), has grown significantly in recent years, having a direct impact on how inks are manufactured. "In 2011, six textile brands joined to form the ZDHC, whose mission it is to catalyze posi- tive change in the textile industry," Parry explains. "Today, 19 global sports, fashion, and outdoor brands have joined, which shows the drive in the industry to make changes." Another significant influence for this shift, sources con- tend, is increased availability of information about water- based inks in contrast to prior years. "There have been nu- merous seminars and events with different water-based (ink) manufacturers that are helping push it into the stratosphere," Marcotte states. In addition to education, customers can typ- ically find more information about water-based inks online, helping them discover what they might be able to ask for before they even step inside a screen printer's shop. DIFFERENCES AND CAPABILITIES Even if a shop already has water-based ink in its arsenal but doesn't have the full confidence to offer it regularly, sources contend the current market is an excellent environment to

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