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KEEPING PROMISES James Cross VP – Sign Making Division SDS Automation ChannelSander™ Typically, once a channel let- ter has been formed it moves onto the next step in the fabrication pro- cess. If a custom paint job is required, that next step is the pain- fully labor-intensive, costly prep phase. We thought to ourselves, "Why wait until the letters are formed to do the sanding when the coil can be sanded as it feeds into the machine?" Enter our new Chan- nelSander that does exactly that and more. Not only does it scuff the returns before bending them using Scotch-Brite pads, it also vacuums the dust generated from the prep process before the material feeds into the bender and ... (wait for it), ChannelSander can be configured to work with bending machines from any manufacturer, not just the SDS ChannelBender. We believe in keeping prom- ises and delivering cutting edge, innovative solutions just as we've done for the past 25 years! The promise of automation is reducing costs by improving efficiency, quality and consistency. SDS Automation has introduced countless automated processes to the sign industry includ- ing the automated bending, flanging, notching, broaching and hole punching of channel letters. It is with great pride that we are introducing two new methods that will benefit sign makers by further elevating the level of automation available to them. Automated channel letter bending machines, across the industry, bend lighter-weight returns from .032"-.063". This has left the heavier weight returns, like .080" aluminum coil, being formed by hand. Cer- tainly not the easiest thing to do, but now there is an easier way. ChannelBender® XD SDS Automation is leading the way, once again, with its new ChannelBender XD, the only machine in the industry that can bend, flange and notch aluminum channel letter coil from 1.5" to 8.5" in height and from .032" to .080" in thickness. Imagine trying to bend an 8-1/2" deep, channel letter by hand using .080" aluminum! Now you don't have to. The XD (Extra Duty) from SDS is proving to the sign making industry, yet again, that innovation can solve many fabricating challenges and dramatically reduce fabrication costs. With its adjustable-depth broaching mechanism, the XD has the ability to pre- cisely and accurately score the material at the location of sharp bends, allowing users to produce clean, crisp bends in even the most challenging thicknesses of aluminum and even steel. The XD is undeniably the most robustly built, powerful channel letter machine available in the world, making the processing of .080" alumi- num returns quick and thankfully painless. If a large part of your busi- ness comes from the fabrication of traditional or reverse channel letters using coil, the ChannelBender XD is a must-have. Why build letters the hard way when the XD can automate the process quickly and precisely? More Benefits We realize that not everyone fabricates channel letters at sizes that re- quire the use of .080" alumi- num, so we're also introduc- ing something for the rest of the sign mak- ers out there! Something that nearly everyone will be able to use and benefit from. A D V E R TO R I A L

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