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28 • June 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S RUNNING THE BUSINESS inside the restaurant in order to connect patrons with a piece of important history that also provides a unique experience inside the restaurant today. It builds a unique impression. Legends of Notre Dame is a restau- rant and sports pub on the prominent campus at the University of Notre Dame. The original building was just a boring plain looking old brick building that looked more like a post office than an establishment. It did not reflect the stan- dards of Notre Dame at all. Notre Dame has high expectations for their brand. People talk about the Notre Dame experience when they go there. The Notre Dame experience is one of the core values of the university and they go out of their way to provide that expe- rience everywhere. But here was this restaurant right next to one of the more prominent football stadium venues in the country that was the complete opposite. We had just pitched the university architects and leaders about working with us to build their impressions, and shortly after they called us in to help build an impression with this building. The rebrand included a new logo, new signs, lights, awnings, facades, ornamen- tal fabrication, custom crown molding, arches as gateways to the outdoor seating areas, and printed graphics to portray the rich history of Notre Dame. Now people talk about Legends as part of their Notre Dame experience. How do you determine your core traits? If you can't think of any at the moment, one way to start is by writing down what others say about you or your company. How do they describe you? What others say is a good indication of who you are... both good and bad. One of my past employees was able and willing to do just about anything. So, we branded him as Superman. It was a positive fun way to brand him in order to bring out his positive traits. Once you know your core traits, con- sider how they can be used to build your brand and to build your impressions in your branded environments. Use the same process with your clients. Show them how to build their impressions by highlighting their unique strengths through visual expressions that bring those core attributes to life. This process quite often leads to some great branding projects involving signs and graphics. When I work with my clients, I try to ask the right questions to learn their core attributes, then go to work on branding solutions to build a brand that builds an impression—right down to the core. SDG Once you know your core traits, consider how they can be used to build your brand and to build your impressions in your branded environments.

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