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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • June 2019 • 37 Gerber Technology's Lenny Marano explains the 5kW Router found on the Gerber MCT Cutter is commonly used for var- i- ous rigid substrates that can't be cut with knife such as acrylic, wood and certain metals. (Image courtesy of Gerber Technology) Drury says for example, Zünd's pow- erful 3.6kW high-performance router with ARC tool changer is a good option. "The RM-L module features a robust routing spindle that delivers 3.6 kW of processing power and a maximum torque of 0.7Nm. Especially combined with the automatic 8-position tool/bit changer and minimal quantity lubrication, the RM-L routing system is perfect for pro- cessing acrylics, polycarbonates, alumi- num/ACM materials, MDF and other wood products. This makes heavy-duty digital routing efficient, productive, and profitable without the need for a separate CNC router." Media Handling She also notes that there are consider- ations to be made for material-handling options. "What levels are available, e.g. from manual loading, tandem operation (with loading/unloading and processing alternating between both halves of the machine), to semi- and fully-automated, with the latter including automated load- ing, unloading, stacking, and perhaps even robotic pick and place. Similarly, for automated feeding of flexible materi- als (vinyl, films, textiles) there are vari- ous types of roll-offs available that can minimize stretch, wrinkling, and other issues that arise depending on the char- acteristics of the textiles being cut." Drury says shops need to look at con- siderations for cut-to-print registration. "Zünd now offers Over-Cutter Camera registration— OCC, a fully automated registration system that captures all reg- ister marks at once with a single shot. Eliminating the need to capture each mark individually significantly increases the speed of cut-to-print registration and overall productivity. The OCC system is now available for all Zünd cutter series, G3/S3 and dual-beam D3." "To summarize, Zünd's idea of a mul- tifunctional machine—and what PSPs should look for—is not just a system that comes with a range of tool options, but one with multiple, high-level capabili- ties where each function is integrated in an efficient, integrated digital workflow and geared toward delivering the highest levels of productivity," Drury explains. Intelligent Software Barry Budwit, Vice President and General Manager of Summa America, Beverly Massachusetts, notes that cus- tomers are looking for a quick turnaround of the items they produce. "Therefore, an Printsquare has seen an increase in busi- ness since it installed the F1612. One client, high-end ladies fashion brand, Claudia Sträter, values the company's unsurpassed quality services. The shop's team has worked on projects in more than 40 Claudia Sträter stores in Belgium and the Netherlands. (Images courtesy of Summa)

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