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60 • June 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS in can and pen form. It's hard to clean off though, so use sparingly. Rolling install chair—sitting with tool storage, kneeling, multi-position; do some research and if you can afford it you may want two different types. We have a comfortable seat that raises and lowers and has tool storage underneath, as well as a chair that you can sit on, lay flat on or it will sit just a few inches off the ground for low wrapping. Ladders, scaffolding or work plat- form—we'll often use a combination of these depending on the size of the vehi- cle. Our work platforms and step stools are used on most cars and small vans. For larger box trucks and taller vans, it's important to have proper scaffolding setup for both safety and efficiency. Tape—we use tape to hang panels on vehicles with aluminum or fiberglass bodies. We also use it to create install hinges or to mark our edges to make sure we're staying straight. I prefer the Killer Bee BT-7061 yellow tape from Bron Tapes. When our guys go out and install transit ads after hours, they prefer a tape with a more aggressive adhesive. There are a lot of tapes on the market with different adhesive options. Choose what works for you. Magnets—we prefer to hang our panels with magnets. We like the Bright Yellow "Low Profile" Magnet EZ from Image One Impact because they don't stick out and they can be slid on the vehicle if we need to shift panels. If we have multiple panels hung up we like to use a heavier duty magnet that can hold the weight of the panels in place. One good option for these is Avery Dennison Z1063-S Super Strong Magnets. Knives—breakaway knives are great to use because you can simply snap off an old blade and keep going with the new fresh blade. It encourages the installer to maintain a sharp blade. There are many knife options as well as safety boxes for snapping old blades into. Knifeless tape—great tool for a vari- ety of applications; you'll use it more than you think! A good wrap chair is important for both comfort and access. Depending on the install, some of these tools are necessary and some are just convenient to use.

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