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Suspended Signs as a Store Guide Suspended signs, which have been around for decades, are a way to let customers know about a store's differ- ent offerings from one vantage point and typically can be seen from across the store, says Charlie Capps, business unit director at the Sign Bracket Store in Carlsbad, California. "With suspended signage, you can attract customers to all areas of your establishment, revealing what they can't see from the front of the store," Capps says. The signs shouldn't be placed solely in front of the store to entice customers, but in well-organized displays through- out the store in a way that gets customers to shop the entire area, Capps says. "Suspended signage that highlights key classifications is a must, and signage must be displayed in a manner that beck- ons customers to take a gander," Capps says. "Less is more here—suspended sig- nage should reveal an overall assortment, not all of the different styles." Capps gives as an example retail- ers selling window boxes and the other items typically sold alongside them, such as liners, hardware, soil, flowers, artificial plants and watering systems. A sign that reads "Flower Boxes" would be sufficient, whereas seven suspended signs for each individual category would be too much, he says. He also recommends avoiding placing signs that block other signs. Suspended signs can be used to draw attention to specific products when placed above the items for sale, Stanley says. "Suspended signs support the retail- er's overall marketing goal and enhance the in-store message using well-designed graphics, including good use of color, to catch the shopper's attention and present the message," Stanley says. "Ceiling signs should help develop the path to purchase, focus on engaging the buyer and have a single strong, clear message." Suspended signs, as well as floor and wall signs, typically are placed in high- traffic areas, including the main walkways in a mall setting and the perimeter aisles S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • June 2019 • 69 This waterproof poster pocket serves as a clear sign hanger and has a waterproof seal to protect signs from the elements. (Image courtesy of VKF Renzel USA Corp.) The Clik-Clik Magnetic Sign Hanging System for ceiling signage. (Image courtesy of Ceiling Outfitters) Sign Bracket Store in Carlsbad, California, provides direct sign mounts for a sign for a women's rest- room. (Image courtesy of Sign Bracket Store)

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