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ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL connecting a store's departments, such as the produce, dairy, deli and pharmacy in a grocery store. Other high-traffic areas include raceways where hot deals are dis- played and the center of the store with access to the main aisles and checkout counters; signs are placed either before customers check out or on the other side after they're done shopping. "The main traffic areas for hang- ing signs are at the point of purchase, whether it's paired with the product itself or at the checkout counter," says Marc Tacke, sales direc- tor for VKF Renzel USA Corp. in Crown Point, Indiana. "Suspended signs work well because they can be placed at the customer's eyeline or above it. A hang- ing sign draws attention because it stands out from the background." Installation Processes Ceiling and hanging signs come in multiple varieties, such as poster rails, banner rods, snap frames and clear plastic sign holders, Tacke says. "They can be hung from hooks, attached to rails, hooked over wires and more, depending on the product," Tacke says. Typical hanging sign hardware includes aluminum rails or frames and acrylic or polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, pockets for inserting the poster or sign, Tacke says. Signage can be hung from something simple like a fishing line to something more professional, such as iron designs that hold different shaped substrates, banner-type brackets that can be placed on pillars and flush-mount brackets that can be used at the back of stores, Capps says. "Consider bracketry for the ceiling that has 'swinging sign' capabilities, where one would permanently install the bracket but could change out the signs 70 • June 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S A ceiling sign for Walmart to advertise its online ordering services. (Image courtesy of Ceiling Outfitters) Sign Bracket Store in Carlsbad, Calif., demonstrates how a Parallela Fixed Mount Sign Bracket works by displaying a company sign. (Image courtesy of Sign Bracket Store) Ceiling Outfitters in Carrollton, Texas, provides a ceiling sign for a FedEx at Walgreens promoting its pick-up and drop-off point for package deliveries. (Image courtesy of Ceiling Outfitters)

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