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6 • June 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S __________________________________________ Publisher James "Ruggs" Kochevar – Editor Matt Dixon – Digital Content Editor Tony Kindelspire – Associate Editor Michael Clark – __________________________________________ Art Director Linda Cranston Graphic Artist Iveth Gomez Multimedia Producers Brian Hauser Alison McDonald __________________________________________ Advertising Account Executives Erin Geddis – Sara Siauw – Sales Support Jen Alger – Ryan Applebaum – __________________________________________ Contributors in this Issue: Paula Aven Gladych; Vince DiCecco; Scott Franko; Ryan Fugler; Charity Jackson; Stephen Romaniello; Bill Schiffner; Shelley Widhalm; Rick Williams. ___________________________________________ Vice President, NBM Events Sue Hueg CEM, CMP – Show Sales Damon Cincotta – Event Services Manager Jackie Ramsier – Event Services Coordinators Janet Cain – Joie Martin – ____________________________________________ National Business Media, Inc. President & CEO Robert H. Wieber Jr. Vice President/Integrated Media John Bennett Vice President/Finance Kori Gonzales, CPA Vice President/Publishing and Markets Dave Pomeroy Vice President/Audience Lori Farstad Director of Technical Services Wolf Butler Industry Relations Representative Diane Gilbert B Y M A T T D I X O N Vital Signs It's How You Finish Got something to say? Join the SDG Discussion Group at: Matt Dixon is the editor of Sign & Digital Graphics magazine. He can be reached at C ompleting a sign for a client is a lot like a marathon. Your cus- tomers won't care if you stumble out of the gate as long as you finish strong. You can be the absolute best for the first 80% of the race, but if you falter for just an instant, someone will come up from behind and take your spot. Every shop is working on razor-thin margins and constantly playing that balanc- ing game of charging enough to maintain a profit while staying ahead of inflation and remaining competitive in the marketplace for not only customers, but employ- ees as well. And while it's important to constantly monitor every step of an installation to make sure you aren't leaving something on the table, the final product is what mat- ters most when it comes to the face you put forward in public. In this month's issue we're publishing a chart that features a large number of machines meant to deal with a very important but often overlooked portion of the sign industry: laminators. The laminator comes in at a time in the production process where you can see the finish line of the marathon. It is also a time where one small slip will ruin what could have been the perfect race. Whether it's an increase of speed or the ability to reduce waste, perhaps you can find something among this information to help you finish strong. Other things you can pick up from this month's edition: On Hanging Signage Systems People are now accustomed to looking up when they need directions or information. Page 68 Tip 1 Tip 2 On Channel Letter Bending Two hours is all it takes to become proficient with a channel letter bending machine. Page 16 Tip 3 On Color Management The first step in color management is to calibrate your monitor, and both Mac and Windows have step-by-step instructions on how to do so. Page 43 Tip 4 On Flatbed Cutters When looking for a flatbed cutter, a modular system that you can adjust based on your production schedule might be your best bet. Page 33

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