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40 THE SHOP JULY 2019 A s we know, being physically healthy has a lot of benefits. Maintaining your health to keep up with the physical demands of running an automotive after- market business is crucial. Thus, we all should eat healthier, make time for exercise, get plenty of sleep, spend time keeping ourselves mentally sharp and rid ourselves of bad habits like smoking, drinking excessively, etc. The same can be said for your business. Is it keeping its (figurative) mind and body fresh? HEALTHY VIBE How would you characterize your com- pany's health? Does it act like an old, slug- gish, tired company, or is it vibrant, fresh and sharp-minded? It is difficult to not be both at times, but overall, if you were being honest, would you say your business is more one way or the other? A company's health is not only reflected by its financial success, but can also be judged by its employees and the successes they are (or aren't) experiencing. Just as there are visual signs that tell you if a person is physically healthy, there are signs your employees exhibit that reflect the overall wellbeing of your business as well. For instance, is there high turnover at your company? If so, is it because of an unhealthy culture where employees either don't fit in or don't feel that they fit in? Or, is one part of your organization grossly underdeveloped or untrained to the point that it affects the morale and efforts of the rest of the company? There are many things that all of us are constantly working on to improve our companies, but the core health—things like attitude, morale and clarity of purpose— needs personalized attention as well. Many of us spend hours developing sales and marketing strategies, workflow processes and even training programs, then forget to prioritize what our company stands for and why it is in business in the first place. Can we as leaders take the time to make sure that the processes we put in place include a focus on our fundamental values? Simply talking to employees about the company's overall mission and principles To Your Health Understanding & sharing core values helps maintain a company's wellbeing. By Josh Poulson How would you characterize your company's health? Does it act like an old, sluggish, tired company, or is it vibrant, fresh and sharp-minded?

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