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6 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 9 T he secret is out about wraps. Fewer people are thinking these are just great paint jobs, and more companies are realizing the value of having well-wrapped vehicles or revamped interior design as an affordable and effective part of their marketing strategy. The industry is maturing. Today's wrap installer can probably make a living working out of their garage, with substandard lighting and inconsistent tempera- tures. But their competition isn't working that way anymore. Today's top dogs who are pushing the market are working out of temperature-controlled facilities with tools at the ready to make every wrap job flow through the shop like a well-oiled machine. If you want to stay successful, then you need to be conscious of every hour and dollar spent by your shop. You need to be well-trained, well-staffed and also well-insured. And that's why this year's Wraps magazine is focused mainly on running your business. TIP 1: ON YOUR BUSINESS CLASSIFICATION Sole proprietorship? Partnership? Corporation? Your choice will depend on the liability risks you are willing to accept, the control you want over day-to-day operations, and the time and money you have available to protect and grow the business. Page 46 TIP 2: ON PROFITABILITY Efficiency really does equal profitability. Any process that wastes labor or materials cuts into your profits. Page 22 TIP 3: ON LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES The more vehicle wraps grow in popular- ity (and visibility), the more local and state governments have moved to restrict them, sometimes applying bizarre and illogical arguments. Page 18 TIP 4: ON RETIREMENT Will liquidating your shop be enough to ensure you have a healthy retirement? If not, it's time to get started on those 401(k)s and diversified portfolios and other items to help ease yourself into your later years. Page 58 Image courtesy of Who Did That!?! VITAL SIGNS Rising to the Top Matt Dixon is the managing editor of WRAPS and Sign & Digital Graphics magazine. He can be reached at Publisher James "Ruggs" Kochevar Editor Matt Dixon Digital Content Editor Tony Kindelspire Associate Editor Mike Clark Art Director Erik Wogen Graphic Artist Linda Cranston Digital Versions Coordinator Alison McDonald Advertising Account Executives Erin Geddis Sara Siauw Wendy Miles Sales Support Jen Alger Ryan Applebaum Contributors in this Issue: Dan Antonelli; Paula Aven Gladych; Vince DiCecco; Amanda McGrory-Dixon; Ryan Fugler; David Hickey; Charity Jackson; Starla Miller; Justin Pate; Andy Stonehouse; Jef White; Malcom Gieske; Molly Waters. Vice President/Events Sue Hueg CEM, CMP Show Sales Damon Cincotta Exhibitor Services Janet Cain Joie Martin NATIONAL BUSINESS MEDIA, INC. President & CEO Robert H. Wieber Jr. Vice President/Integrated Media John Bennett Vice President/Finance Kori Gonzales, CPA Vice President/Publishing and Markets Dave Pomeroy Director of Technical Services Wolf Butler Vice President/Audience Lori Farstad B Y M A T T D I X O N

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