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10 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 9 Getting Ahead Through Design Why design holds the key to a more profitable wrap shop BY DA N A N TO N E L L I Dan Antonelli is the President and Chief Cre- ative Officer of KickCharge Creative and author of Building a Big Small Business Brand. T he one thing that many wrap shops wrestle with is pric- ing. In many areas, it has unfortunately become a race to the bottom. It's become more a question of who has the lowest price per square, instead of which shop is the best shop from not only an install perspective, but a design perspective. With more and more shops attaining similar cer- tifications, the lines from a consumer standpoint become more and more blurred. So, while your shop may be awesome at installation—maybe your competitor is as well. Maybe they have even more quali- fications than you. Maybe they're selling their work at $1 less a square foot than you. But here's an interesting scenario. What if they couldn't design like you could? What if you were not only a great in- stallation company, but the best wrap design company as well – with work which delivered a consistent ROI for your custom- ers. Now, the scenario changes—and their bargaining lever- age changes. Because now, it's not as much a question on your install price since the reality becomes that they can't get the same thing down the road. If they want to give their business the best chance for success, they simply just can't go down the road and get it. It's great to see the industry working so hard on certifica- tions for installs, and how it's trying to educate the public on how to find qualified wrap companies. It helps level the playing field, so to speak. Which is good—and it's bad. The bad part is it fundamentally ignores the function of design in building effective truck wraps. And it lumps all shops together in terms of their ability to print and install a wrap. At the end of the day,

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