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22 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 9 O ur shop organization, workflow and general systems have evolved over the years and will probably continue to do so. I can remember in the very early years we had no real bookkeeping system in place so we never knew who owed us money. As far as workflow, basically whoever took a job at the counter handled it from start to finish. Talk about inefficient! Many of our systems came about out of necessity but we've also worked hard to put a workflow system in place that maxi- mizes our shop efficiency. Efficiency really does equal profit- ability. Any process that wastes labor or materials cuts into your profits. I've written articles in the past that focus on certain elements of our system in detail. Be sure to check past articles if you would like more specific information on our workflow system, wrap checklists or specific tips and tricks. For this article I would like to mention some of the areas that we've focused on to create more efficiency. Hopefully this will spark some ideas for you to use in your shop too. SERVICES The electrical market in our city is pretty saturated, so although we have an electrical contractor's license, we pass on these jobs. There are also a large number of apparel shops in our city, so we've never jumped into that market. We focus on signs, wraps, fleet graphics, banners, graphics and engraving. Because we focus our energy on these areas, and don't spread ourselves too thin, we're able to produce high- quality signs in the most efficient manner. Our time and energy is spent on improving our process with these products specifically. We also continue educating our- selves on the best products, processes and tools that pertain specifically to these services. RESPONSIBILITIES We run a pretty small shop, as far as number of employees go, but we also run a large volume of work through our shop. Everyone has a general area of re- sponsibility which helps keep us on top of the jobs coming through the shop. Our production manager oversees the job calendar and makes sure that the jobs in Output are grouped and printed, are moved into production for finishing and helps with all ar- eas of production. Another person is in charge of all engraving and CNC jobs and coordinating outside installs. We have another person in charge of ordering all materials, overseeing in-house installs and managing large repeat clients. Another person is in charge of prepping in-house vehicle installs and production finish work. Efficiency = Profitability Shortcuts to a more profitable shop BY C H A R I T Y JAC KS O N Charity Jackson is co-owner of Visual Horizons Custom Signs based in Modesto, California. She has been in business since 1995 and has worked in the sign industry for nearly 25 years. You can visit her website at Let's Talk Shop Pre-figured pricing, custom stamps and printed work orders keep us organized and efficient at the front counter.

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