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24 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 9 SHORTCUTS TO PROFITABILITY Assigning these areas has come from capitalizing on the strengths of each per- son. On top of these specific manage- ment areas, a handful of us also share customer service responsibilities, pricing, and designing. A big part of what makes this work for us is cross training. While we may have specific areas of responsibility, we're also all trained to jump in and help in all areas. Vehicle wraps are my specialty, but I can definitely jump in and help with fin- ish work on the table if needed. If we're inundated with a large engraving project, any of us can help support the person in charge of engraving to complete the fin- ish work so the job is completed quickly. Another benefit of cross training is that everyone has a better understanding of what is involved in different areas. A person who designs vehicle wraps should also be familiar with the wrap process. By understanding obstacles and how best to install graphics, they're going to design for efficiency. PRICING Over the years we've developed pricing sheets for our shop. The pricing is broken down by square footage, vinyl media type and substrates. By having these sheets on every desk and at the front counter, we can all help a customer determine the pricing for their project. We have pricing broken down for outside services we use as well. Large run screen printed signs, banners and print services, like business cards and brochures, are also pre-figured. We'll often get the same requests for certain products over and over. By having the pricing pre-figured on these common items, we don't have to redo the same work repeatedly. Solid color vinyl charts, Pantone charts and our custom printed Roland charts, on wrap media and printed metallic media, help us quickly match or pick colors with the customer. Wrap checklists and templates, wrap care sheets, customer account applications and folders for accounting are kept in one central area to streamline customer service and paperwork.

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