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2 0 1 9 • WRAPS • 25 Common sized items, like sets of car magnets, or commonly ordered assembled signs, like a Plasticade a-frame with signs are also pre-priced. Feather flags, table throws and retractable banner stands are other products that have specific sizing and features that don't change (other than the artwork) so we're able to have set pricing for quick quoting. WORKFLOW This is a big area for us that we've fine-tuned over the years. By having a really good system in place, we've nearly doubled our monthly sales and production volume with the same number of employees. Our system was built over the years so instead of an all-in-one sign software, we use a couple of different programs plus a physical organization system. I'll briefly mention some of the areas of our system that keep us on track and efficient. Check our past articles for more specific details. • Front counter – We use Activity POS software primarily for invoicing / estimating. • Folder system – New jobs are put into numbered bright yel- low legal-size envelopes and put under tabs that correspond with where the job is in production – Proofing, Waiting for Approval, Output, CNC/Engraving, Outside and Hold. The rack that holds these are by the design computers. When a job gets to production, the folders are moved to that area. • Toodledo – This is an inexpensive online organizational software that we've customized to align to our folder sys- tem. From any computer we can check the folder number a job is in and where it is in production. As jobs move through the shop, we update their location in the software. • Output – When a job is approved and the folder is moved to output, our shop manager organizes the jobs by material type so that all premium vinyl, calendared vinyl and transit media is grouped and printed at one time. This saves time on loading / unloading media, but it also groups the mate- rial to maximize efficiency when laminating as well. • Dry racks – Vinyl wall racks work great. When a roll of media comes off the printer ,we hang it up on the rack to WARNING: May cause Heart Racing, Traffic Stopping, Engine Revving, Double Takes. 100M matte sunset shift | 905M matte black galactic gold ORACAL ® 970ra Premium Special Effect Cast ///////// FOLLOW US

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