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2 0 1 9 • WRAPS • 27 All of our invoicing is done in triplicate. The white copy goes to the customer for billing or with their payment noted, the pink copy is attached to any work orders or other job in- formation and is filed for future reference and the yellow copy is for accounting. All payments or billing information is noted on the yellow copy and filed. BACK UP A wall of filing cabinets keeps all of our pink invoices, along with any important proofs or other customer paperwork, filed alphabetically. If we've done multiple jobs for a customer, then we group their paperwork into a separate folder that is labeled. This makes it easy to grab past paperwork for reference on repeat orders for large accounts. We also use a backup system for all of our artwork. We have a 'Working' folder system for recent projects. After a few months all of these files are backed up and the files are add- ed to Cathy Catalog, a system that organizes jobs by folder. We can quickly search by customer name or keywords and the cataloging system will list the results for easy reference. SMALL THINGS Efficiency comes in small ways too. Pre-made stamps at the front counter are used for tracking calls on completed jobs and for stamping the date for billed invoices. Work order pads not only look professional, but they're also always ready to go on a clipboard to be grabbed for note taking at the front counter. Supplier resources, color charts and material samples are kept at the front counter for easy review with the customer. Photos of jobs on the wall and on our website, that is always open on the front counter computer, making it easy to point out sample jobs and to steer the customer in the right direction. Stocked installation kits for outside installs and stocked tool chests for in-house installs ensure that we're prepared for all installations. A dedicated order form makes it easy for anyone to note an item we're running low on so that the person in charge of ordering can efficiently order items to meet minimum orders. 64" ECOSOLVENT WIDE FORMAT PRINTERS Wensco is proud to be an authorized OKI Dealer. Call for more information! 3 year Warranty · 3M MCS Warranty Coverage THE HOT ROD OF WRAPS PRINTERS! SCHEDULE A DEMO TODAY.

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