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2 0 1 9 • WRAPS • 29 up. (See Image 8) This alone reduces what goes in the trash bin by more than 50% which can cut down the monthly trash bill (higher profits). More importantly, it saves a huge amount of time during production and install. Instead of going out to the trash bin several times a day its now only done once. Less time is spent tramping down the dumpster to make space and more spent on installing which is how it should be. On top of this, a blue and green reusable bin is added to the mix. Now plastic and paper get easily separated during standard workflow which re- sults in even less going into the dumpsters. This results in more profitable work getting done and, an added bonus, a cleaner workspace. It sounds too simple to be true until you implement it which only requires a change in routine. How easy is that? Cleaning is another way that, by choosing a more environ- mentally friendly direction, can result in higher profits without losing effectiveness. One of the best general cleaners out there is white vinegar. It's readily available everywhere, is non-toxic, cheap and it cleans amazingly well. Of course, the only down- side with white vinegar is the smell, which for me, is a minor downside because, on top of cleaning so well, it also deionizes the surface. This means way less electrostatic charges, which means less dust and dirt sneaking under the wrap film during production and install. An added bonus of white vinegar is that it can be used as a tack solution for PPF installs. This means avoiding having to use alcohol, which is worse for the environment and installers. 3M: Envision SV/LX480mC with 8549L/8448G/8550M overlaminates (High Performance) Envision 48C-20R with 8048G/8050M overlaminates (Flat to Moderate Curves) ORAFOL: Orajet 3981RA with Oraguard 289F (High Performance) Orajet 3174 with Oraguard 236 (Flat to Moderate Curves) AVERY: MPI 1405 with DOL 6460 (High Performance) GREEN WRAP FILMS: VANS • TRUCKS • FLEET • CARS • RECREATIONAL VEHICLES w w w . g e n e r a l f o r m u l a t i o n s . c o m M A N U FA C T U R E R S O F PRESSURE SENSITIVE FILMS General Formulations driver Josh Williams/NASCAR Xfinity Series D I G I T A L M E D I A F O R V E H I C L E G R A P H I C S GF_AutoMark_Ad_2019_R2_PRINT.pdf 1 5/10/19 2:41 PM

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