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sprayed on a lint-free cloth, working from top down to re- move dust and residue. Then position the graphic in place with painter's tape and use a level to make sure everything is properly aligned. Ensuring proper placement before liner removal makes adjustments prior to final application much easier. You generally won't need premask/transfer tape in wall ap- plications, but if you do, use a low-tack option. AVOID INSTALLATION SHORTCUTS. Pay close attention to the manufacturer's in- stallation directions to avoid headaches. For example, Avery Dennison recommends a 1 / 2 " minimum overlap on wall mural panels ( 3 / 4 "–1" minimum for textured vinyl), as vinyl can shrink over time. You should also trim back 1 / 8 "– 1 / 4 " from openings to avoid edge lift from inciden- tal contact. Squeegee strokes should be made by pushing, not pulling, at 45-degree angles with firm pressure to minimize stretch. Always use a "hinge method" to install each panel, ad- hering a portion of the vinyl to the wall before removing the rest of the liner for easier repo- sitioning. These are just a few of the many tips you will find in manufacturers' instructional bulletins for wall graphic installations. Thinking through your application up front is just as im- portant as perfecting the cutting and securing of vinyl on a wall. If you are ever in doubt of how to proceed on a proj- ect, don't hesitate to call your graphic product supplier—they should be happy to help. Left: Upgrade ordinary walls and take spaces to a new dimension with an elegant texture and design using the MPI 2600 Wall Film Series in Pure Canvas. The MPI 2600 films are affordable, provide excellent color absorption for digital graphics and are easy to install. Below: Walls can be transformed with ease using the customizable MPI 2600 Wall Film Series by Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions. The Natural Stucco tex- ture provides a creative alternative to add that finishing touch to any space. The MPI 2600 films are 6 mil calendared and digitally printable with solvent, eco-mild solvent, latex and UV-curable inks. 2 0 1 9 • WRAPS • 33

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