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2 0 1 9 • WRAPS • 59 dation of a broker or two and interview them. They will also help you with the process of getting your business evaluated or appraised. Some business owners are fortunate enough to have someone or several people in their family to pass the family business to and continue the prosperity through succession. This can be accomplished in many different ways and should be negotiated carefully. An attorney familiar with Family Business Law can help identify an efficient way to transfer ownership and determine the best time for this transition. Tax and estate planning will need to be evaluated to minimize the income and estate tax consequences. Another option for retirement is to sell your business to your employees. There is a vehicle called an Employee Stock Ownership Plan or an ESOP. This is a great incentive for employees to want to contribute to the success of the company because they will be acquiring stocks or ownership in the business. It also has some great tax benefits. Talk to your CPA or Financial Planner to decide if this could be an option for you. You could merge your business with an existing comple- mentary operation where they can acquire your assets. This can be a great situation for both the seller and the buyer. It can min Franklin was a printer, a scientist, a lover of the sea and a dreamer. He contributed so much to his community. His words remind me to focus on the plan. Maybe you should con- sider it, too! Don't you want to plan your ultimate vacation? be tricky to find these types of opportu- nities. You may have one or more cus- tomers or vendors who come to mind when you read this. The ideal buyer will have more skills to be able to use this merge to scale up their business. Reach out to them and explore the possibili- ties. It may be the answer to finalize your retirement plan. Some people don't think about set- ting up an exit plan for their retirement until it is too late. Benjamin Franklin's quote, "If you fail to plan, you're plan- ning to fail" has always been a quote I took to heart. We have these words on the door as you exit our shop for all to read as they leave each day. Benja- Miller Decals of Acworth, Georgia, created this wrap for a blimp. The sky is the limit when it comes to wraps, but when it comes to the lifespan of your career, now is the time to plan for a smooth landing for your retirement.

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