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2 0 1 9 • WRAPS • 69 twin 2017 Callaway Supercharged Z06 Corvettes for,"Z06 Cor- vettes for," Kempf says. "The trailer panels were roughly 12'4" tall x 53" wide each. After the trailer was here, the clients decided to add the graphics to the insides of any door that isn't done in upholstery, so that when they are open, the wrap graphics show on the doors. They also wanted this on the slide outs and each of the eight retractable LED cans that open up at night." "They are now having awnings made for each side that match the graphics of the trailer," Kempf says. "The awnings extend 25' and run the length of the 56' long trailer. This trailer can hold three cars and 12 motorcycles, and has all the tools and supplies they need, too. It also has mounts built into it to hold four large LED TVs on each side, three separate A/C units, and it even has a conference room with slide out up front. Of course, it has a full bathroom with shower and toilet, and a full kitchen area also." "(Bleep)'s pretty crazy and insanely large in person."

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