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14 • July 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE A pple co-founder Steve Jobs once said, "I have great respect for incremental improvement… but I've always been attracted to the more revolutionary changes." His outlook lends to the reason why over 90 million people own an iPhone. To change an industry takes vision, fortitude and execution. It takes knowing what technology is currently in place and building on it to provide a better solution. Change for the better relies on a series of improvements to ultimately trigger revolutionary over- haul. And such a movement has occurred in the sign industry. Before the LED took over as the most popular option to light a sign, there were bulbs and florescent options. When sign makers—as well as members of other industries—real- ized the efficiency of LEDs (along with their small size and long life), they began including them in many more projects. According to Leslie Donels, Sales Manager at GOQ LED America, "Lower prices, higher quality and better viewing angles" all contribute to the reason for the rise of LEDs in sign projects. On top of that, LEDs have sparked change in other areas of the industry. Let's take a look at some specific advancements that have been made in LED technology, and how sign makers have modernized lighted signage through the years. Today Versus Yesterday It's been documented that LEDs have surpassed other lighting methods in signage as the preferred choice. However, even over the last five years, there have been frequent improvements to LEDs. "LEDs have continued to improve in efficiency over the past five years," tells Gray Lankford, Distribution Sales Representative, GENLED Brands. "We've also seen color binning yields tighten, allowing the cost to decrease as more of the visibly acceptable product yield can be utilized." Haitz's Law has dictated that costs will continue to fall How recent improvements to LEDs have helped reshape the lighted sign market B Y R Y A N F U G L E R Ryan Fugler is a free- lance writer and for- mer editor of Wraps magazine. He can be reached at rnfugler@ with ques- tions or comments. The LED Movement Image courtesy of GOQ LED.

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